Garfagnina wool

Garfagnina wool Ten or so years ago I was strolling through the halls of Fiera dell’Artigianato when I stumbled upon a stand showcasing a wool that captured my attention immediately At that time I was looking for materials to realize the pieces of my first personal exhibition…. The stand that caught my eye was promoting […]

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Where it comes from The weave called Diamantina is very old. It forms a small diamond pattern  in as much variants as there are textile traditions around the world. For example, in Italy, it can also be called ‘’occhio di pernice’’ or simply ‘’ piccola losanga’’, in the Andes it is woven with precious wools

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Garfagnini baskets

  The baskets are made of Garfagnina wool from short supply chains, in particular from Azienda Agricola Cerasa’s garfagnina sheeps , located in Tuscany, in Pieve Fosciana on the Garfagnana mountains Garfagnina wool is a very versatile and durable material, great for making high quality fashion accessories and furnishing fabrics. It has been a

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Creative weaving workshops

Creative weaving workshops. The art of weaving can become a means of expression also for those who don’t know this technique. Few rules and space for immagination is all that is needed for the workshops, aimed at whoever wants to have a go at weaving by hand and experience the joy of creating a small piece

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The prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales is a carded woolen fabric into a twill weave, with its characteristic design of stripes and checks, in the usual black and white colors. The origin of its particular design is Tartan, these typical fabrics come from the Scottish islands of Highland which still today characterize the membership to a clan

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