The textile language is a code. For me it is also a code for living life. Weaving has calmed my restless soul, the design and creativity of a fabric has taught me how to put my thoughts in order.

Patterns have been and still are a source of great joy, a channel to reach the wonder of Life.

What I really like and makes me happy is studying and working on the third dimension of the fabric.
Generally, the result that fascinates me of this game that I play are sculptures or decorative panels.


Weaving to communicate, to enjoy, to experiment.
When I have the opportunity to try and learn about new materials, I always welcome the challenge.

The weaving loom is a resistant tool, it is very useful for my research and it gladly accompanies me through daring experiences.
The knowledge of drawing is essential, as also the structure of the textile patterns and always being up to date.

To the right: studies on the weavibility of a monofilament strand Spin-Pet (Spin-Pet LTD – Plastic Fiber)

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