The peculiarity of our work is the development and realization of a customized product, which can be a fabric for a special clothing article, a stole or a scarf in a chosen pattern or colour, or  a bag with a precious textile insert.

A part of the activity is fruit of a collaboration together with different designers and stylists. Over the years we have developed the ability to interpret the codes of high fashion and design, by transforming ideas and inspirations into textile products that can be operational or reproducible.

Sometimes, however, our fabrics can become an inspiration for interior design or high fashion clothing and accessories.

The study and research of fabrics and their endless variations are also an inspiration for a small production which bears the signature of Laura de Cesare.

Our fabrics are mainly made of fine fibers like cashmere, silk, linen, hemp or from short chain fibres such as garfagnina, amiatina or Sardinian wool. We sometimes like to experiment new techniques, materials or fibers.

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