Garfagnini baskets


The baskets are made of Garfagnina wool from short supply chains, in particular from Azienda Agricola Cerasa’s garfagnina sheeps , located in Tuscany, in Pieve Fosciana on the Garfagnana mountains

Garfagnina wool is a very versatile and durable material, great for making high quality fashion accessories and furnishing fabrics.

It has been a staple of the atelier for many years, I have used it not only for the baskets but also for furnishing accessories such as decorative panels and rugs , outerwear pieces and bags.

Garfagnini baskets are special because they were created with the intention of giving back value to local sheeps’ fleece, since it is considered as waste material by Italian legislation.

There’s no basket identical to another, the fabric is hand woven with natural materials and patterns coming from the Italian historical and folk weaving traditions.

Every aspect of their design and production is followed and done with care.

The hand-woven fabric used has a natural coloured wool warp, the weft varies based on the season, the desired thickness of the final product and its final use but also on the fiber, colour and type of yarn.



Apart from the basic model, we produce many more such as the ones for baked goods, the one with drawstrings or the ones made with thick yarn, in order to keep warm chestnuts or bread.

We also make bigger baskets, ideal for storing toys or knitting gear.

The fabrics used for the inside parts are in pure cotton and machine washable up to 60°.

The outside handwoven part of the basket can be handwashed in warm water with little to none detergent or in a gentle cycle.

Our baskets can also be custom made in other materials, like cotton, hemp and linen , and other colours