I firmly believe in the importance of research, study and the spreading of knowledge as a base to encourage and develop high quality artistic and handicraft production.

It is in this spirit that the laboratory becomes a school in which I project and lead textile design courses and weaving practice, both for individuals or for groups. Courses for people that approach weaving and fabric design for the first time or for those who already have this knowledge but would like to go further.


Laura de Cesare workshop is also a school were adults and kids, new artisans, stylists, designers can study and deepen the fabric and the art of weaving. 

• Design and practice of weaving. Introduction. Dedicated to those who wish to approach to the textile design and to the production of a fabric in order to understand its dynamics. Time: 20 hours 

• Basic course. The course plan the teaching of the technical textile design and the weaving practice through the learning of the basic fabrics: canvas, twill, satin and their derivatives. Time: 40 hours .

At the end of the course will be issued a certificate of participation.

Info: laura@lauradecesare.it 

Mobile +39 328 3554303

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